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About Erin

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  Releasing Emotional Baggage

that Creates:  Pain, Stress and 

Dis-ease in Your Body


 Improve and Increase

Your Physical, Mental and

Emotional Health and 



 Expand and Maximize

Your Ability to Create 

Abundance and Wealth 

in Your Life  


       'We all have emotions.  They can be a good     

      thing, or hard to live with.  Erin, using The

      Emotion Code, can help you clear out the

      negative ones to give you good health and

      Energy.  The Emotion Code is definitely a 

      source of power!"   ~  I.V.M.


      “Erin's high integrity to confidentiality

      allowed me the comfort to share the deep                sadness I was carrying in my Heart

      ( the Heart-wall ).   One morning I awoke

      feeling lighter and can say happier.  A 

      conversation revealed the work she had

      been doing via The Emotion Code and The

      Body Code.  I am thoroughly thrilled and 

     impressed with her dedication and zeal for

     the healing work she is doing.”   ~ R.D.

      "I found The Emotion Code to be helpful in

      bringing past stressors to the forefront for

      for healing.  I highly recommend Erin-Dail

      Plunkett - she is dedicated and well educated

      in her modality."

      "I highly recommend The Emotion Code pro

      process for relief of physical issues and to 

      bring out mental and emotional issues that 

      are hiding in the Body causing physical dis-

      comfort and pain.  Erin was able to pinpoint            exactly where my physical challenges were 

      deep seated childhood emotional wounds."

      ~  B.F.


     “I had never heard of The Body Code before              meeting Erin. The process is easy, enlighten-

      ing and Erin is fun and knowledgeable. We                worked specifically to clear Digestive Issues            related to food. Since 2015 I had been unable          to eat gluten; 2017 dairy; and in 2018 meat.

      My diet was restrictive, created a strain for

      me to eat.  Erin was able to clear these issues.        I have been able to integrate amounts of 

      each category back into my diet. I would                    recommend Erin and The Body Code for

      those open to healing. It was a great         

      experience and I am happy to eat again.” 

   ~  E.G.



Hi my name is Erin-Dail Plunkett


Certified Emotion Code / Body Code Practioner.


.... and certified Hypnotist, Transformational Coach, Speaker, Facilitator of Workshops, and published Author.


I have a passion for the “workings” of the Subconscious Mind; the role it plays in our Emotional Baggage; and how it impacts and controls our physical and psychological Health.


My Life has been one of many, many transitions.  This includes, having been raised by extended family members and numerous relocations as a child;..... and later on as an adult. 


The Gift:  it has allowed me the opportunity to develop Compassion and have an openness to the diversity of people…… places…… and events of their lives. 


Second Gift:   the exposure to nutritional information, vitamins/minerals, and Holistic medical care – my family  had a chiropractor long before there was “one on every corner”!  


Results:   a life-long interest in Holistic medicine; the impacts from good or bad nutrition; and the effects of the surrounding environment both inside and outside that we live in, has on our Body, Mind and Spirit.


The elimination of an ulcer that I experienced for many years happened through acupuncture; which deepened my interest to explore Holistic and Energy Medicine.


Fast forward…… my husband developed stage IV cancer. 

I knew that chemo was NOT the answer.  


At the time though, we were without access to “alternative solutions” in dealing with it.  Eventually, he did transition from it.


In time, I came to realize that his transitioning was my guidepost to awaken up to my Life Purpose –   an Intuitive Empathic Healer.


Eventually, I heard about The Emotion Code and knew I needed to know more about it. 


I knew my husband’s cancer was traceable to unresolved subconscious emotional ANGER – that he had experienced from events in his life years beforehand.


I became certified as an Emotion Code Practioner. 


Then as a Body Code Practioner. 


The Body Code allows me to “dig down even deeper” into  possible other additional underlying reasons and causes for the rise of so many more dis-eases today than were present +50 years ago.


Emotional Baggage  +  Applied Kinesiology 


+  Nutrition  +  Energy Medicine  =




For every client that I have been honored to work with, the Transformations that they personally have experienced, still AMAZES me and…..  them too!

 -  Relieving Pain                        -  Dis-ease   


-  Dissolving Limiting Beliefs 


  -  Clearing Abundance Issues

and so much more!


Will YOU join me in

creating YOUR Journey to Wellness too?


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