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Do YOU Have
Emotional Baggage?
(trapped Emotions



    What are they?.........


    They are negative emotions….. feelings….. hang-ups….. baggage….           from your past…….


    You……  your Body…… your Brain…… and your Heart….. have been        unable to process these negative emotions completely.


    We are ALL emotional beings….. we are always experiencing our                emotions……  whether they be positive……. or……… negative……


    AND…… the negative Trapped Emotions create Health Issues in your          Life.


    Some events that may create Trapped Emotions:


     -  Being Injured or in an Accident          -  An argument with a Friend

     -  Breakups with boy/girlfriend             -  Divorce ( spouse/ partner )

     -  Abuse ( verbal/physical )                  -  Death – Loved one/Pets

     -  PTSD ( from Life events )


     Working with Erin to release negative Trapped Emotions helps to create more ideal conditions for your body to heal physically.  These techniques may allow you to experience a positive level of life that you once had long  ago….. and remember how excited and full of life you were when you were a child?​

"411"  Musings 

Check out Erin's thoughts, tips, techniques, and musings on how to heal the body-mind-spirit naturally and at a deep level to free your energy and embrace a joyful, abundance life.

Erin-Dail Plunkett is a Master Healer of the Body, Mind and Spirit by bringing you freedom from the pains in your body, your limiting beliefs, and your negative experiences in life. 


As a Certified Practitioner of both the Emotion Code and the Body Code Healing Systems, Erin zeroes in on the emotions along with other underlying causes that keep you struggling with Health and Wealth issues, and then helps you to break free in order to once again engage and experience your Life with JOY. 

Below are a few of the tools / methods that Erin uses to create life - changing results for permanent improvements to optimize empowerment, increase abundance, and reduce / eliminate pain so you can enjoy living Life freely again.

Certified EmotioN Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner
& Guided Meditations 

Transformational Coaching 

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